Hi! I’m Carly, and this is a blog, and its mine. I’m 23 and currently live in Birmingham, AL with nothing but my paints and my scrubs. I went to Birmingham-Southern College and graduated in 2018 with my BFA. Since then I’ve been here working for UAB, in sterile processing, but that’s another story! I’ve had this website for a while now, around 15 months to be exact. When I first launched this site I was fresh out of college and eager to find opportunities for my art. I set up accounts on various call sites but honestly just wanted one of my own to have more *professional* look. So that’s what this site was for; a way too serious look with an unnecessarily broad arrangement of art plastered onto it. Initially it made sense to attempt to market every single piece I’d ever made, over time though I’ve learned to let myself outgrow the series that built me up and split my effort between my different passions, without feeling the need to force them together. This site is still for my art, but its also for me. I’ve debated starting a blog for at least a year. I always have something to say! If you follow my social media (@carly_gilliland) you’ve probably seen my mini-talks posted throughout my stories and IG posts. Over time I realized how much more than that I wanted to do. I’ve always been a strongly opinionated person, and obviously social media makes it easier to express that now. I want this site to be a platform not only for my art but for the different things that I’m passionate about; the things that make me who I am. That’s why it’s!



Birmingham-Southern College, BFA




Juror's Choice Award, Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, AL

Alabama Art Supply Gift Award, Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, AL 




Juried Student Exhibition, Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, AL


Juried Student Exhibition, Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, AL

Art at Night, Studio 2500, Birmingham. AL


Bachelor's of Fine Arts Senior Exhibition, Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, AL

Juried Student Exhibition, Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, AL

Art at Night, Studio 2500, Birmingham, AL

Finding Your Voice, Kelwood Contemporary Art, Baton Rouge, LA

Art of Hope, American Society for Suicide Prevention, Birmingham, AL

Perturbation, University of Indiana-Kokomo, Kokomo, IN


Pattern & Abstraction, Fe Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Chroma, Fine Line Creative Art Center, St. Charles, IL

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